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Membership Benefits

What are my benefits of becoming a member?

You will enjoy lifetime discouncts on all Salveo and Amaranth products. Plus you will get a FREE VIP Account in Technowise 360 E-Shop where you will get discounts on more than 3000 products including brands such as Sopistikada, Argento, Carpe Diem, Mood Eyewear, Bubblyface, etc.

How do I earn from referral?

If your referrals buys a membership package you will earn a direct referral bonus of P100 for each Gold accoun and P500 for each Platinum account. So if your referral bought 7 Platinum accounts, your total direct referral bonus is P3,500.

What is Matching Bonus?

Binary is a payout method wherein your group is divided into 2 groups - Left and Right. Every BC from the left will match every BC from the right. 1 matched BC is equal to P1.00. This means that if you have 5,000 BC on left and 5,000 BC on right, you will earn a Matching Bonus of P5,000 from your Group.

What is BC and how do I earn BC?

BC stands for Binary Credit. Every product and membership package has a corresponding BC or simply points. Whenever your group buys a product or package, you earn BC either on the Left or Right Side of your group.

What is Repeat Matching Bonus?

Repeat Matching Bonus or RMB is your earnings from repeat purchase of your group.

Who is my Sponsor?

Your Sponsor is the one who referred or invite you to the business. You also become a sponsor when you refer someone to SalveoWorld. This cannot be changed.

What is Placement?

Placement is tha account username where to connect another account in the Binary Tree or Genealogy.

What is Auto-Placement?

Auto-Placement is where you would like to connect your next downline referral in case you are not around when your referral activates his/her account membership. You can change this anytime to balance your network.

Why do I need to balance my network?

Balancing your network is important to get more group bonuses. The more balanced your network is the more Matching Bonus you will get.

What are the benefits of becoming a Gold Member?

You will get up to 20% Lifetime discount on Salveo and Amaranth products. In addition to this you will ger up to 20% discount on more than 3000 products on Technowise 360 website. You will also get Free E-Loading Service, Free Training and Marketing Materials. Most of all you will have 15 ways to earn. Earn up to P2,500/day or P75,000/month in Matching Bonuses!

What are the benefits of becoming a Platinum Member?

You will get up to 30% Lifetime discount on Salveo and Amaranth products. In addition to this you will also get up to 30% discount on more than 3000 products on Technowise 360 website. You will also get discount on more than 300 prepaid load products, Free Training and Marketing Materials. Most of all you will have 15 ways to earn. Earn up to P10,000/day or P300,000/month in Matching Bonuses!

If I buy Gold, can I upgrade to Platinum later?

Definitely. If you just want to try for now with our Gold Package, you can upgrade later to Platinum for only P4,998.

What is Multiple Accounts? Is this important?

If you are serious in doing this business, having multiple accounts can double or triple your income with the same number of people and the same amount of effort. it has a multiplier effect increasing your income as well as your maximum income potential.. The more accounts you get, the higher the potential to earn.

What is the maximum number of accounts?

The maximum number of accounts allowed per person is 31. All can be accessed from one log-in


What is E-Wallet

E-Wallet is your virtual wallet that may be funded in 2 ways: 1. External funding through accepted payment methods 2. E-Cash transfer to E-Wallet. You can use this to buy membership packages, products both is SalveoWorld and Technowise360 website and even auto-load.

What are your accepted methods of payment?

For E-Wallet Funding, we accept Paypal, credit cards, bank and remittance payments. In your Dashboard in Salveoworld website, please click E-Wallet to see the bank and remittance details where to send the payment.

Group Bonus Qualifier

What is Group Bonus Qualifier?

Your SalveoWorld account membership is lifetime, however in order to continue earning group bonuses such as Matching Bonus and Repeat Matching Bonus, you must purchase at least 100BC worth of products every month. It's best that you enroll in our Auto-Ship Program for a hassle-free transaction.

What is Auto-Ship?

Auto-Ship allows you to set-up a recurring monthly purchase against your Paypal or Credit Card account. This way you will never miss a month and will continue to enjoy group bonuses coming into your account.

What happen if I don not purchase at least 100BC?

Any pending Binary Credits from repeat purchase will be flushed out and all incoming BCs from repeat purchase will no longer be credited until you reinstate your account.

If I fail to qualify, how do I reinstate my group earnings?

Buying 100 BC worth of products or setting up Auto-Ship will instantly reinstate your group earnings.

How much is 100 BC?

It depends on the product you'll be buying but the lowest priced-product with 100Bc is Salveo Barley Grass which is only P840. Go to BUY menu in your Salveo World website to see the prices.

Withdrawal of Commission

What is E-Cash?

E-Cash is where all your commissions and bonuses go. You can withdraw this anytime.

How do I receive my commission?

You can apply for an Eastwest, ChinaBank,BDO or BPI ATM account so we can easly transfer your commissions. You can also request for a check to be sent to your address. We have 3 Types of Encashment
1. Regular
2. Express
Regular Encashment cutoff is TUESDAY 12nn
Release Day is every FRIDAY
Minimum Encashment: P300
No maximum
Withholding Tax is 8%
Processing Fee is P25.00 1. Check Pick-Up
2. Check By Mail
3. Chinabank Debit Card
4. Bank Deposit
5. Remittance Other Charges:
a. Check Pick-Up is Free
b. Check By Mail Add P100 for Shipping Fee or pwede isabay if may order ka
c. Chinabank Debit Card - Free (Apply for Chinabank Debit Card through Technowise360 for only P100+SF)
d. Bank Deposit (BDO, Eastwest, Chinabank, BPI) - P50.00
e. Remittance - See Remittance Table ----------------------------------
Get your commission within the same banking day if request is sent before cutoff time of 12nn.
Minimum: P500
No Maximum
Withholding Tax is 8%
Processing Fee is P50.00 Special Encashment is via Online Bank Transfer to a Chinabank Account
(You can apply for a Chinabank Debit Card through Technowise360) If request is sent on a holiday or a weekend, it will be processed the next banking day. -----------------------------------
This is transferring your E-Cash to E-Wallet Funds. This is FREE
Minimum P100
No Maximum WITHHOLDING TAXES are remitted to BIR that's why you need to provide your TIN before you can make a withdrawal from your account. We are required by Law to Withhold Taxes. Sumusunod lang po tayo sa batas. :) You can be sure that these taxes are remitted to the government. For BANK DEPOSITS and ONLINE BANK TRANSFER, the bank account you should submit should be the same as the Name registered on your SalveoWorld account. We are not accepting 3rd party bank accounts to ensure security of your account. This will also prevent others from hacking other accounts and encashing other's commissions. So submit only BANK ACCOUNT you personally own. If you do not have a BANK ACCOUNT, we can assist you in opening an account under Chinabank Account with no maintaining balance for only P100 processing fee. Please provide at least 2 VALID ID's.

How much is processing fee?

Processing fee for commissions is only P25.00 plus shipping fee if your requested for a Check By-Mail.

Why do you need my TIN when withdrawing my commissions?

As mandated by Tax Code of the Philippines, we are required to withhold 10% of your commission and remit such tax to the government and by doing so we need your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

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